In todays’ business world, it is wise to know the cost of customer acquisition.  This means we need to know what attracted our customer, to call, click, or visit.  At Floor Specialist we try to be inquiring, in a subtle way, when answering the phone or when meeting the customer on the showroom floor.  It’s not the first question we ask, but we try to find out if they were referred by someone or saw one of our ads.  Each sale person handles it differently and the customer seldom hesitates to answer.  Sometimes, if it’s not forthcoming then we just drop it and make sure not to make any one uncomfortable.  Most of our customers realize that we are trying to see what advertising is working and are glad to help.

 Advertising to get new customers has a cost and is always changing.  I remember when our largest advertising expense was The Yellow Pages In the phone directory. Does anyone even have one anymore?  Change is always happening and if you don’t keep up you will be left behind.

Our best advertising is still Word of Mouth & customer referrals.   We have been getting customer reviews for years. Our customers are asked to sign off on each job that it was completed to their satisfaction and they were very happy with our installation service. Each of our installation crews participated in getting their customer to give them good grades and had a lot of pride in getting their name on the reviews. 

 Much of our business is built on our reputation and the fact that we are well established with seventeen years with the same phone number and at our same location.  We have always kept regular store hours and have a live person answer our phones. We have qualified, knowledgeable, associates, who are courteous and happy to help.

  Shopping for flooring is different from most other home improvements, because it’s usually a long time since their last flooring purchase. The selection process can be difficult with so many new colors and styles to choose from.  We sincerely believe that each customer should be well taught or educated as much as possible with everything we can provide to help them to make this decision. If our customer gets the right floor for their needs, they will be satisfied for years to come. If we sell them a floor that is not suited for their purpose, no matter how excellent our installation goes, then we will not have a satisfied customer for long.

This selection process is where we stand out, as we never rush or pressure to close a sale.  We have spent as much as thirty hours with one customer. Of course it was several visits over a period of time.   We were all very happy after the floor was installed and she commented on how patient we were.

We take pride in keeping our showroom clean and comfortable. It is well stocked with the latest displays and samples.  There is no charge to borrow our samples.  

With todays’ internet, customers are much more knowledgeable, but still need the hands on approach to find exactly what they were looking for.  We welcome the educated consumer or the ones with a million questions. At Floor Specialists, we all want the right floor for the right use.