hardwood flooring

Flooring 50% off Installation 50% off

Remember when you were told if it sounds too good to be true, be careful. Well, the point is when you see all this on TV, it’s not free. Somebody is paying for some expensive advertising, and that is their next customer. The next day installation offer is designed to keep the customer from canceling after the commissioned salesperson closed the high pressure sale.

Floor Specialists in Stuart, Florida offers any homeowner from Jupiter, Tequesta, Hobe Sound, or Martin County, that brings in a written in-home estimate from a TV advertiser a bottom line discount of at least 10%. Savings on hardwood flooring of 25% or more is possible. It may be that the in-home shopper has no time for comparison shopping. For the convenience, expect to get lesser quality for more money.

Big box stores don’t have a good track record with installation when it comes to floors. For the DIY, the advertised specials are a fair price. However, you will pay much more for underlayment, adhesives, moldings, delivery, installation, floor removal, furniture moving, 1/4 rounds, base boards, etc. It’s hard to believe that someone would buy a laminate floor on sale for 79 cents and be sold underlayment that costs 65 cents, yet they do. Yes, underlayment or adhesive, is a very important part of a proper flooring package, but it is marked up 200% at our local big box stores.

In today’s world of internet and mobile devices, shopping for flooring can be really confusing. It’s likely to get different opinions, advice and information on the same product from different salespeople. When you find someone that has many years experience and are trustworthy, your flooring project is off to a good and rewarding start.

A professional and knowledgeable wood floor salesperson will make sure your choice is the right floor for your needs. All of your questions will be answered about the floor, it’s performance, warranties, & maintenance. Flooring purchases are long time investments and a smart home improvement in today’s economy.