At Floor Specialists you can rely on getting a specialist for any phase of your flooring needs. There are different crews that specialize in the various jobs that can be involved in a flooring project.

We have available the following experts that we use, and they are all well trained and insured.

Furniture removal, storage, and, replacement after the floor is completed. Our crew comes in a box truck with a lift gate, all of the necessary equipment, and available warehouse space, with lower prices than renting a pod. We can also just move it into other areas of the house when there is room available. We specialize in the White Glove treatment and handle every piece with a professional and caring attitude. Pictures and measurements are taken and each piece can be returned to its’ exact spot.

This is a service that we provide at a reasonable cost for our customers who want us to handle the complete project.

Floor Removal. If you have tile, wood, vinyl, or carpet, that must be removed before your new flooring arrives, we are experienced and efficient at getting the project off on the right track. When we do floor removal, it includes the hauling away of all debris and leaving the jobsite clean. In the past five years we have become dustless on the removal process. Floor removal may not be necessary, if you are purchasing a self- locking floor that is designed to be installed over existing tile or other floors.

We do free jobsite visits to evaluate if your floor should be removed or not. Some wood floors as well as laminates and waterproof vinyl can be installed over ceramic tile. We can skim coat the tile joints if the grout joints are not within the acceptable tolerance. Mexican tile usually has to be removed and is one of the most difficult.

All carpet has to be removed and the charges can vary. Often on residential jobs it is considered part of the sale and done at no charge to get the sale. Glued down carpet is much harder and depends on the adhesive that was used and how long it has been down. The cost of hauling away the carpet is an expense whether it is itemized on your contract or not. If you are a long way
from the public dump, it may be cheaper to bring in a dumpster, depending on the amount of carpet being disposed of. Dump fees have risen substantially and if the carpet is wet the dump fees will cost more. All of this is part of our free estimates and will be discussed with you to see what‘s our best option.

We have dumpster companies that we have built relationships with over the years and know who to use in the different townships. If you have a paver driveway and nowhere else to set the dumpster, plywood should be used to insure your pavers are not damaged. Some dumpster companies require the homeowner to sign a waiver, which we do not think should be a
requirement. If they require a waiver, we don’t use them.

Wood floor removal for glued down floors is one of our specialties and requires experience and the right equipment. Floated wood floors or nailed down wood floors are much easier to remove. The only time we install new floors over wood floors is when we can glue down a new wood floor over an existing glued down wood floor. This too, is dependent on the specifications from the manufacturer of the floor being installed. It is a mistake to install any floor over a floating floor. There are guidelines from the NWFA [National Wood Floor Association and specifications from the manufacturer that must be followed in order to keep your warranty.

Floor Specialists of Martin County is a company consisting of several crews of flooring specialists of which many more services are offered, which we will include in our next blog.