In a recent blog, we spoke about our floor removal and furniture moving services. It is our policy to offer the installation and everything it entails to give our customers the complete project from start to finish.

First we start by expert consultation by visiting the job site and doing a complete job site evaluation. Free measuring is also part of our services. If the flooring you purchase needs to be delivered prior to our scheduled installation date, so as to have the proper acclimation time, it is also a free service.

We offer professional floor preparation, including all types of floor removal and leveling. These are not free but are competitive priced and done by professional crews with the right equipment. Our floor removal is dust free.

If we are doing bathrooms, we will remove and replace toilets. If we are doing kitchens or laundry rooms we will remove and replace appliances. These are optional services that are additional charges.

Floor repairs are one service that we are best known for.  We will do repairs for customers that purchased from us, even years after our warranty has expired. There will be a charge but we have saved many customers the price of replacing their floors when we can do a repair for much less. We are well known for doing repairs because several of our competitors refer their customers to us when a repair is needed. We can sometimes research and find material to use to do the repairs that others can’t find.  With our customers, we always recommend buying one or two extra cartons, for insurance if ever needed. 

We are one of the last in Martin County still offering sanding, staining, and refinishing of hardwood floors. This is our most booked services and there is usually a wait time to get on the schedule. The hardwood refinishing trade is a dying breed of skilled craftsmen. There is definitely going to be shortages of people who can do this kind of work in the next few years.

As far as that goes, the whole flooring industry needs to bring more of the next generation into the trade. A very high percentage of installers are older or near retirement. As far as skilled trades, such as plumbing, electrical, painting, roofing, or any other home improvements, flooring installers are in the top paid tier of skilled tradesmen. With a few years of on the job training a career in flooring installation can be a rewarding and profitable career path.

Stairs are another service FSMC offers.  We do custom starter steps to winding staircases. Treads and risers in either solid or engineered prefinished planks can be installed. We do laminate and vinyl plank stairs as well as the hardwood of different species. If you have questions about stairs FSMC has the answers, and is anxious and willing to talk with you.

Service is the reason for the success that Floor Specialists of Martin County has achieved. There are specialists for each service we offer and our reputation insures you that we’ll stand behind our work, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.