The flooring selection is a difficult and long term investment. The industry is made up of all types of floor coverings. The first choice has to be, do I want carpet, tile, or wood.  There are many other choices to be made under each of these categories. If you are choosing carpet, is it going to be nylon, wool, or olefin? Will you want it glued down or stretched in?  There are of course many decisions in tile too, including size and patterns.  With all flooring, all parties involved will agree that COLOR is usually the deciding factor to the end consumer.

At Floor Specialists in Stuart, we only sell Hardwood, Laminate, and luxury vinyl. We are known as a “Hard Surface Contractor “and specialize in these products. By not dealing in carpet or tile, we can spend all of our time and resources on specifics and eliminate products with un-proven track record. With our passion being hardwood flooring, we stay focused on bringing only the best name brands to the delight of our supply partners and our customers.  Our sales associates are well trained and eager to answer your questions.  While visiting our showroom, you will never be rushed or pressured by a commission sales person.

 We understand our products and what installation they were designed for. Each customer has a specific need and we are very concerned in meeting that need, by making sure you are sold the right product for your project. No one will be happy if these main criteria are not met. This is a service you don’t expect and will not get at big box stores, or many other places anywhere.

Adding to the traditional floor mix, there continues to be new introductions added at a rapid pace. Carpet has lost market share and the hard surface section has seen big gains. Laminates and vinyl have been taking more market share in the past year.  With ever increasing TV and on line advertising budgets, many of the newest WATERPROOF Floors are out selling their production and often short on inventory.  Being advertised as WATERPROOF is a bit misleading. Please read the small print and the warranties. If you think you can be flooded and everything will stay normal, you are going to be very disappointed.

Today’s flooring, most everything is trying to be made to look like wood. Tile, laminate, vinyl planks, and carpet are being designed to have the wood look.   Even with digital photography and all of the modern technology available today, Real wood will always be uniquely beautiful with each and every plank being one of a kind. All of the wood looking products are improving, but wood historically remains the most desirable floor.  Price may make many consumers settle for look like wood floors, but the real value is in the longer term investment that wood offers. Many of our manufacturer’s finish wear warranties are 25 years or longer. 

Our Hardwood selection consists of solids, engineered, parquets, herringbones, and offered in numerous species, from Pine, Mahogany, Oak, European Oak, Antique Oak, Maple, Hickory, Brazilian and African Exotics, and many more species, as well as any custom order.

In our Hardwood selection, we still carry Armstrong, Bruce, and Mullican. All of these are made in America and priced the same as we had them priced twenty years back.  You can get a 5” wide American Scraped oak or Hickory for under $5 per square foot. We sometimes turn a customer that came in looking for laminate or vinyl plank into a hardwood customer.  There are different scenarios and when it comes to VALUE, we show some long time winners that keep delivering.  With the proper maintenance, which any floor requires, wood floors are as comfortable and easy maintained as any floors on the market today.

In a nutshell, the different floors have different qualities and come in a range of prices.

Most Laminate floors will be 7, 8, 10, or 12 MM and have many different options available. You will pay more for the 12 MM, but because it is thicker and heavier it is going to be more like a wood floor when walking on it. The walk is an important attribute of a laminate or vinyl floor and can be improved with a premium underlayment.  Laminate runs from $3.99 sq. ft. to $6.49 sq. ft.,   for our complete installation package with the premium [Floor Muffler] underlayment, including tax and delivery.  We carry cheaper laminates for the DIY customer, starting at .79 sq. ft.   Longer planks, and stain resistant, scratch resistant, moisture resistant, pet friendly, and any distressing, knot visuals, beveled edges, all add to our cost of products. The price will vary with each added label on the samples.

Our Vinyl planks are just a little higher than our laminates.  Our lowest priced installed complete package starts at $5.49 sq. ft. and goes to the $8 range for the most expensive.

We are proud to say our advertised price for engineered hardwood 5” wide oak flooring can still be installed with tax and labor included for as little as $6.99 sq. ft.  Hardwood is averaging around $10.99 sq. ft. at our store, but goes up to $15-$20 for higher end brands.

We welcome your questions and will be glad to show you the whole line, when you are ready to go floor shopping with us.  Customer satisfaction is our number one goal at Floor Specialists in Stuart, Fl.