Being a stay at home mom, is sometimes more than a daily routine. When I have any extra time on my hands, which isn’t very often, I look for creative projects that I can take on and do myself. 

 We had recently had some lovely hardwood floors installed. After the installation was complete, there were scraps and left over hardwoods.  I decided to use the space under the stairs to create a room for our dogs. My previous experience was helping my son build a table from pallets, which was a much easier project.

 I put it in my mind if there’s a will there’s a way. It wasn’t long before I was cutting a 3’ hole into the wall under my stairs. This was to become my dog’s personal room!    I had watched my dad fix, repair and build things for many years. I was determined to follow in his footsteps.

 I installed the hardwood planks in my dog’s room myself. Turned out pretty amazing, and is always the talk of my house when company is over! I have to say it is my favorite DIY feature in my home. People often ask me for details on how I accomplished that project, if I done it on my own, and if they can take detailed pictures.

 My dog’s room not only stands out with beautiful shiny hardwood floors, but it is also complete with a nightlight, personal chalkboard walls, a fan, and their names on the door. It is also double sided where you can see through in two different rooms. Bella and Sophie love the room, and when they’re told to go to their room, they go on demand. You can always find them in their fluffy beds on the shiny hardwood floors that stand out being all cozy. The hardwood floors are nice to have because they are so easy to clean up, especially after dogs. All I have to do is sweep a little then spray my hardwood floor cleaner on it and wipe it up with a soft terry cloth. They’re also nice because they keep Sophie and Bella cool.

Hope you are inspired to use my idea and make your left over hardwoods into a dogs dream and your greatest accomplishment.