BEING THE OWNER OF MY OWN BUSINESS WAS ALWAYS MY CHILDHOOD DREAM.  At a very early age I became an entrepreneur.  I was experienced in mowing lawns, newspaper delivery, trapping, parking lot maintenance, and bicycle repair, all before my mid-teens.

After graduation from High school, I majored in accounting and spent my first two years after college working for Pratt Whitney in Palm Beach Gardens, Fl.    I was not happy spending 8 hours inside and after two years, I decided to look for a career that I could enjoy.

A friend of mine was a sales rep for a major flooring distributor and after talking with him, I opened my first flooring installation service, which soon became a full service floorcovering store and warehouse.  I found my passion in hardwood flooring and spent years in on the job training and learning from some old timers.   

Being in the flooring industry for over forty years, it’s been quite a catalogue of products that have come and gone. I can’t remember all of the distributors, manufacturers, and competitors that went out of business. 

In the last ten years we have become very selective on the products that we allow in our showroom and from what source we buy from. Over the years we have developed relationships with the venders that we partner with. Inventory being available is important, but quality and price is the determining factors.  Keeping the latest introductions and trends is a continuous effort and we‘ve learned which venders’ buyers are the best at these winning selections.  At Floor Specialist, we want to be sure we have a larger selection of quality products that you will not find anywhere else.  Stuart is where we live and all of our business comes from the Martin County area. I always desired to remain local and become the Specialist for Hardwood flooring in our area.

Flooring has changed as technology has improved over the years.  The manufacturers are spending millions on research and development and are forever trying to protect and improve their brand.

It’s sometime very hard to distinguish the best when comparing two similar products. There are many knock offs that compromise quality and hard to recognize by the average consumer. I make sure that none of them get to our showroom floor.

 I pick which ones that I’m willing to offer to my customers and buy from people who I know will stand behind their products.  I can identify features that manufacturers are adding for profit instead of performance.

When profit and price is their goal, you may be looking at Birch instead of Oak, and other descriptions are used, without mentioning the Species of wood that the flooring is made from.  It may be rotary peeled, like running it through a pencil sharpener, which is a really bad way to cut quality.

Length of boards and thickness of the top wear layer is other determining factors that the price is based on.  We offer LONG &WIDE PLANKS, which come up to 9 ½ “wide and 8’ long. We can custom order even larger. The flooring package is priced to include adhesive or underlayment, the accessories such as moldings and baseboards, and all other charges.

Understanding the added cost of everything is highly beneficial to our customers.  When you upgrade the flooring product itself, as all of the other costs are fixed.  It usually doesn’t make sense to buy a laminate floor that cost .79 per square foot and add underlayment that cost .65 per square foot.  This happens quite often in the big box outlets. They may have advertised deals but the accessories are never marked down, therefore the whole package is not a good value.

If you have questions about flooring, Floor Specialist welcomes you to come in for a free consultation and happy to explain any concerns you may have.