With all of the fierce competition in the flooring industry, many flooring stores have started selling other things, such as cabinets, blinds, plumbing fixtures, paint, accessories, and many other items in addition to carpet, tile, and hard surface flooring.

At floor Specialists we just became more selective in the products we sell. We have just kept up with all of the latest introductions in Luxury Vinyl, Laminate, and of course Hardwood flooring. We still SPECIALIZE in hard surface flooring and our sales people know their product. If you are in the market for Hardwood floors, do you really think you will get it done right by the guy trying to sell granite counter tops? By using only qualified and experienced installers, and top of the line adhesives and underlayment, Floor Specialists leaves little room for failures.

At Floor Specialists on Willoughby Blvd. in Stuart, Fl. the showroom is 50% hardwood, 25% laminate, and 25% luxury vinyl planks. Hard surface floors and service is all we do. Well known national brands are on display and on the showroom floor, where you can browse without any sales pressure or have an expert answer any questions you may have.

The Faux wood floor trend has slowed the hardwood floor sales, but now Hardwood floors are still the first choice. It’s known for adding the most value to your home. Hardwood is the most desired with the majority of consumers. It is one of the top ten desired features in new homes. Higher quality hardwood floors can be refinished, and can last a hundred years.

With all of the new introductions of new flooring products, it will be interesting to see the different issues that arise after these bullet-proof, waterproof, kid proof, pet proof, floors are put to the test.

Even though they have improved the vinyl planks to look more realistic, only real wood floors consist of no two planks being alike. Not all consumers will understand the water-proof warranties and the difference between a waterproof installation. There could be a lot of mold and mildew complaints in the near future as so many of these floors are being sold and installed for profit only.

Floor Specialists of Martin County does jobsite evaluations and follows the manufacturer’s Guidelines and specifications. The selections that we carry have been thoroughly tested and approved. We research and pick the best quality floors from the huge range of manufacturers and eliminate any with a history of product failures. Shopping for floors is difficult, and experienced, honest, sales people can be
your best helper.

Visit Floor Specialists on Willoughby before you purchase your new floor.