We went from one room of hard wood floors to having a full house of wood floors. We started out in our son’s bedroom, replacing old, worn out, stained, dirt holding carpet. It was the smartest decision we could have made to switch to hard wood floors.  We would have never realized the difference it would make, until we did the bedroom. We have a son with a lung disease, Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia. It is an autosomal recessive genetic condition in which the microscopic cells in the respiratory system called cilia do not function normally.  Trey is allergic to everything. We noticed what a difference it made right away. His allergies cleared up. It was easier for him to breathe and his asthma treatments became less and less. It’s nice to have a little less to worry about.

The whole room looked bigger, cleaner and lighter. The Natural Hickory hardwood, that we selected, made a huge difference.  After a couple of months having them, seeing the difference it made in the room, left us wanting more.

We began saving up the money so we could not only make a difference for our son’s life, but also ours. We began our shopping and found that the solid Hickory flooring was a popular choice. Even knowing what we wanted, there were decisions to be made, such as the width, sheen, and color.   Finding a reputable installer was another one of our Goals.  We shopped around several different hardwood floor stores locally. Nothing really caught my eye or my wallet. We then began shopping, researching online.  

We found really good reviews online at Floor Specialist of Martin County. They were willing to work with us from the beginning. We received good quality flooring at a very good price.  The installation crew that they put us in touch with did magnificent work. They left our house clean and our new floors with no flaws. We were ecstatic and satisfied! Definitely impressive the way the order was handled, the friendliness and the experience we had.

You can’t go wrong investing in hardwood floors; it’s a lifestyle change for the better!