There is always something new to learn about hardwood floors.  Over time things are always changing. New wood floors now come with the latest design being wider planks and some degree of character being added.  What used to be considered rustic is now the norm. Some of todays’ most sought after hardwood floors have either hand scraping, or distressing with wire brushing with different degrees of chatter marks and knots. Manufacturers introduce new designs and new installation techniques to renew and peak your interest.

   You may want to know why I’m so interested in wood floors, or wanting to learn more about them. For as long as I can remember since my childhood, my father has operated his own business doing hardwood floors. I always knew when dad took me to work with him; it was going to be a full adventurous day. Never a dull moment. Best part of my memories was as a teenager. Dad put me on his fork lift and sent me off in the empty parking lot after only a few minutes of instructions. We were both hoping and praying I wouldn’t run into anything.  This first experience on the fork lift was a success and the memory is like yesterday.

As I grew up and started a family of my own. My dad seen to it my floors would be amazing! I wasn’t so sure about wood floors in the kitchen. I thought I had many reasons not to put them in there. However dad was right as usual. Wood floors needed to be in the kitchen. It needed to be continuous from the living room so it wouldn’t have that broke up looking effect. They have held up really nice. Many times food has been all over the kitchen floor. From toddlers in highchairs to teenagers having food fights with eggs. The wood floors have held up strong. It’s like the energizer battery… they keep going and going and going. If you’re hesitant about wood floors in your kitchen, don’t be.