Flooring choices are a difficult decision for most remodelers especially the homeowner doing their own renovation. There are changing trends and so many styles and colors to pick from. It is one of the most time consuming choices, and it should be, as you live with it for a long time. Flooring is the foundation that designers work from.

Point is, It’s more important where to shop. In today’s world shopping on line is one avenue. Beware if buying flooring on line, because most major brands are trying to discourage internet purchases to protect their dealers in the area. Usually they are cancelling all warranties if not purchased through a dealer where you can get professional installation. It is getting harder and harder to find quality professional installers. It is even harder to check their background and find insured and trust worthy. Installers, that you can feel comfortable having in your home.

When consumers buy from a mass retailer or big box, most of the money is siphoned out of your hometown and even out of state. Don’t be surprised when the bottom line is much more than the advertised low prices. Free labor or free installation charges will surely be hidden in things like:

  • ​Delivery charges or adhesives, upgrade underlayment, acclimation surcharges, or furniture moving, etc. 
  • If the sale says 50%, 60%, 70%, off, that’s a pretty good deal, until you read the small print and all of their exclusions.

When it comes to floor purchases the product and the installation should never be separate because flooring has to be installed to be enjoyed. Of course, buying local has many other benefits. The money you spend stays local and directly results in: 

  • ​More jobs and a better economy in your hometown. Savvy consumers know It is the right civic thing to do. If you do your research and compare same quality products, local retailers can compete price wise and give you much more in quality and service.
  • Other benefits of buying from your local floor specialist are free and accurate estimates. They’re not going to make you buy 10% extra, if they are an established and reputable dealer. Waste of 5% is sufficient on first quality products in most cases.
You can use their showroom where you can see, feel, and touch, and even borrow samples to take home. Most local retailers offer free estimate and consultation. Some even do free jobsite evaluations. Such as moisture and humidity issues. Subfloors and leveling questions can be answered, before the project is budgeted.
The most important reason to buy locally from a full service flooring dealer is someday you may need a service call for a repair or maintenance. Confirm with whomever you buy your flooring from, that you can rely on them for services you might need.