When you purchase your flooring from Floor Specialists of Martin County, you will get an itemized contract with each line item clearly explained. It will name the manufacturer , style, color, size of planks, amount in square feet, price per square foot, and the rooms will be identified that is to get new flooring. FSMC uses the real names; nothing is private labeled, so the customer can compare apples for apples, if wanting to shop comparisons. Flooring contracts should state: Furnish and Install as one line item, therefore no sales tax on material is called for. At Floor Specialists, there is no sales tax added on jobs that are sold with installation.  Cash and carry customers are charged sales tax. 

All accessories are also itemized out and you can easily see the number of thresholds, t-molds, reducers, quarter rounds, and their cost, including installation. If you are buying a floating floor, the underlayment will be identified and if your floor is to be glued down, the adhesive will be identified. These are two very important steps in any properly installed floor. Each manufacturer has specifications that are called for to meet their warranty and FSMC uses only the best when it comes to underlayments and adhesives. Only one underlayment  “Floor Muffler” is offered because, it would be the wrong place to offer a Good, Better, Best.  Other name brands are available if the customer has other preferences.

For adhesives, Floor Specialists sticks with either WF Taylor or Bostik’s. Both are top of the line and made especially for floors. When you buy flooring from Floor Specialists, Hardwood, vinyl, or laminate, you can be assured that the accessories will meet the specifications called for from the manufacturer.

The contract will also state any other charges, such as remove and replace a pool table, piano, or other large item.  Appliances can be an extra charge and will be so stated on a clearly written contract. Carpet removal and disposal should be included, either as a charge or no charge.

The one thing that we can’t cover is unforeseen floor prep, which is once the carpet or old floor is removed, if there is some leveling, floating, or sealing of the subfloor that is needed, it will have to be addressed at that time. The management at Floor Specialists promises that if unforeseen work is needed to do the job right, the extra charges will be for time and materials only, with no mark-up for profit. Being conscientious to our customers predicament that unforeseen charges can put them in, we want only recover our cost to make things right.

Taking up tile is a line item that will clearly state the areas involved, the square footage, the cost per square foot, and the total, including dumpster or haul away.

Our contract also shows the deposit, balance and scheduled dates the work will be done. FSMC asks for 50% to start and 50% upon completion.  We believe you should have your floor installed and walking on it before you are asked to pay in full.  We guarantee our work and your satisfaction.

 Some of our competition, will ask for payment in full for the materials before they are delivered to you, and then ask you to pay the installers for the installation. This should be a BIG RED FLAG, and who are you going to go to when the installation crew you had doesn’t answer your call?  Your contract should provide installation responsibility back to the source you purchased your floor from, not a subcontractor/installer. There is a world of differences in the way flooring stores do business and the way their contracts are written.  Before you make this big ticket purchase, for flooring, that will be a long term investment, compare actual written contracts and it will be plain to see if there is hidden and hard to understand costs, or if it is itemized in a simple format.

Floor Specialists of Martin County, still offers Free Estimates and will usually have your measurement scheduled and the estimate in your hands in 3 days.