That’s not us!!

 What kind of floors do you think you will get for $50 per room like you are seeing advertised on TV? I am curious to see one of these offers in writing.  I am in wonder and would really like to see their other charges. If you bring one of their estimates to Floor Specialists, you can save 30% to 40%. It’s amazing that the unbelievable ads work, but evidently they do, because they spend millions advertising over and over. To attract new customers like this is very expensive, so there has to be a huge mark up.

The next day installation is hard to believe also, but you will have installers coming the next day. This is because they don’t want you to have a chance to cancel. The convenience of shopping at home and getting next day service is costing you more than you could ever imagine.

Before you fall for unbelievable advertising offers, check out the company. Are they going to be there after the sale, if you need service? Do they have a lot of complaints? Can you get someone by phone? Do they work from a local location? Is their products known name brands?

Floor shopping is not easy, and should be done with the finished installed flooring as a package deal. Your flooring purchase is not enjoyed until you are walking on it with all of your furniture back in place. It might be some time after you are living with your new flooring, until you know for sure if you picked the right one. How it performs and how easy it is to maintain, is the real bottom line. The cost is not what is going to be remembered if you see your floors wearing quickly and you are not happy with them.

Floor Specialists wants to make sure each customer gets their best value for their flooring dollar. We have different types of floors for every budget. Whether you buy Hardwood, Laminate, of Luxury Vinyl, it all has to be installed. Installation costs vary greatly, but installation quality varies even more. All of our installations are by qualified, skilled, and experienced craftsmen, and all of our work is guaranteed.