When it comes to a great flooring tip: Consider engineered hardwood flooring, Stuart, Florida! If you are not familiar with engineered wood floors, you may be interested in what follows below. At Floor Specialists of Martin County, we believe that many of our customers will find wood flooring a great investment for their homes, while, also, bringing in beauty and elegance that only hardwood flooring can do.

When it comes to engineered hardwood flooring, Stuart, Florida homeowners want quality. This is what you get when you buy from us. Did you know that engineered flooring has special benefits that solid hardwood flooring does not? For instance, you can install engineered flooring anywhere in your home, even below grade. This benefit means that those homeowners who have a basement can now install their new wood flooring in their basements to create game rooms, media rooms, and other types of spaces that they have always wanted, but were not able to achieve because of the restrictions of solid hardwood.

Another benefit to engineered hardwood flooring for Stuart, Florida homeowners is the huge array of tree species that can be found in the engineered line of flooring. When you visit with us, you find that we have a wonderful selection of species to choose from. Our customers enjoy knowing that we have the traditional wood flooring such as oak, elm, walnut, and maple, for example; and that we also have the more exotic species such as bamboo and eucalyptus.

As you can see, engineered flooring can do more for most homeowners than solid hardwood flooring. This does not mean to take anything away from traditional solid flooring, but, the fact remains, that with engineered hardwood flooring, Stuart, Florida homeowners can have the wood flooring they want, where they want, inside their homes.

If you want to know more, come by and visit Floor Specialists of Martin County and let us show you why when it comes to engineered hardwood flooring, Stuart, Florida homeowners come to us first.