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Floor staining & floor refinishing


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Sand & Finishing service available in Martin County

If the look of your hardwood floors has degraded, you don't have to live with it. Our sanding and refinishing will affordably restore the lost beauty.

Floor Specialists of Martin County realize that sanding and refinishing hardwood is a sensible investment for any home when floors lose their original luster. It will boost your home's resale value; and lasts for many years if it is properly cared for. Nevertheless, all flooring products age over time, and when the finish on your floors become dull or damaged, sanding and refinishing will cost you a lot less than completely replacing your hardwood floors or hardwood stairs.

After decades in your home, hardwood floors may start to appear somewhat lackluster. Continual foot traffic can wear down the finish, and dents can show up in the floor from people's high heels and the cleats on athletic shoes. Other damage can occur from moving heavy furniture over the floor, pet paws, and children's toys or other objects being dropped. Our sanding and refinishing service does away with all these unpleasant changes at much less cost than replacing your flooring entirely.
(OLD)Sanding & Refinishing in Stuart, FL area from Floor Specialists of Martin County

Staining, Sanding & Refinishing can add a complete new look

When Floor Specialists of Martin County provide sanding and refinishing for your hardwood floors, they will look just like new again. You can also choose to change the floor's color by merely adding a stain during the finishing process. This affordable refinishing process can completely alter a room's atmosphere even if the floor itself hasn't been damaged.

Floor Specialists of Martin County are in the business of making your hardwood floors look like they did when you first installed them, no matter that requires. We provide sanding & refinishing services for customers in Stuart, Sewell's Point, Palm City, Hutchinson Island, Rocky Point, Jenson Beach and elsewhere in our Florida area.